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Mulching is often an overlooked component of lawn and garden care and maintenance. Homeowners have the misconception that mulching is for visual purposes only, but the process offers many more benefits. Mulching serves as a barrier against many destructive and damaging elements. Mulching around plants in your garden protects them from insects and from moles and other critters that enjoy making lumps and tunnels in your garden.

In addition to protecting plants and soil from harmful organisms, mulch also helps control weeds, maintain soil nutrients, prevent erosion and encourage water retention in the soil.

If you are looking for a retaining wall contractor in the Canton area, we can help you. We been designing and building decorative and structural retaining walls for residential and commercial clients for many years.

We are a company that provides quality in all our services!

Our specialists are experts at custom-building retaining walls for any kind of terrain or slope. We build structures that are not only functional, but also attractive. These structures add more usable space in your landscape and also improve its aesthetic value. We can design and install walls of all sizes, shapes, and lengths—from simple accent walls and seating walls, to tiered walls with built-in planters. We use only high quality concrete blocks to ensure that you’ll have strong and durable structure.

Additionally, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions and require practically no maintenance. Segmental retaining wall blocks are likewise easy to install, thus allowing us to complete projects quickly.

We have 15 years of experience!

We are committed to each of our clients in providing quality in each of our services, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the work we do.

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