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Wood is the fence of choice for many property owners across Indiana. Fences built and designed in wood material offer many benefits that cover the needs and preferences of homeowners as well as business owners in the Indiana City region. At Nava’s Fencing Company, our craftsmen can offer wood fences in a wide range of designs and styles and come in either cedar wood or white pine. The natural material of wood makes it easy to use for both modern and more traditional settings.

Add value to your property with a wood link fence! A wood link fence is durable and helps preserve your investment, add value to your home, and bring a warm unified feeling to your property design. No matter what you are looking for with your fence, our team will provide you with the highest quality wood products and services that are sure to please.

We are a company that provides quality in all our services!

Fences are built from the ground up, and the way the posts are installed and set determines how strong a fence can be. The quality of the post itself is the first important factor for strength. At Nava’s Fencing Company we use the best materia for each job we complete, raising the bar above industry standards to use a steel post that will add to the fence’s durability.

The pickets of a wood fence are the main portion of each panel. The strength of each board makes up the overall strength of your wood fence. That’s why we hand select our lumber, making sure each piece will look great and stand up to the elements of Indiana.

We have 18 years of experience!

We are committed to each of our clients in providing quality in each of our services, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the work we do.

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